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Emily Foord Memorial Kindergarten officially launched its new brand at its Annual General Meeting on 22 February 2015.

The management committee and staff would like to thank the generous Jennifer Pointon, who has been consulting with the Kindy for the past year to devise and design its new brand. The Kindy would also like to thank Mike Walton, who has assisted the staff and Jennifer update the website with the new brand. And the Kindy also thanks Lisa Maj, from Opasan, who has printed the new materials.

Our three experts, parents of past, present and future Kindy children, have generously donated hours of their time to update the Kindy’s brand. They have worked collaboratively with the staff, the management committee and each other to achieve the goal of updating the Kindy’s brand.

The Kindy’s brand might be new; however, its core objective, to provide a quality kindergarten experience for the children and their families remains unchanged. The new brand “Just Imagine” embraces the Kindy’s belief that every child who attends is a capable, confident and creative learner. Every child’s imagination is the best place to start learning through play.

Look out for the Kindy’s new brand while out and about, and be sure to spread the word about how wonderful and imaginative the kindy experience is at Emily Foord Memorial Kindergarten.

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  • Mike
    on April 30, 2015 Reply

    You are more than welcome 🙂 The kindy has shown so much dedication to my children’s education and great childhood experiences!

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