Our sons loved their time at Emily Foord Kindergarten. It is our local kindergarten and we had looked forward to being part of this community as it had such a wonderful reputation. The kindy is nestled in a shady, quiet area surrounded by a beautiful park and wildlife. The staff were fantastic, every day welcoming our boys with beautiful smiles and their caring, nurturing ways. The staff are dedicated to all the children in their care, providing both an enriching indoor and outdoor program. Our boys had an amazing time at the kindy and were well prepared both emotionally and academically, for Prep ahead. Our family has made lifelong friends from their time at Emily Foord and we couldn’t have been more grateful for the experience. Our boys would return to Emily Foord tomorrow if they could, they enjoyed every day. We highly recommend this kindy to any family without hesitation.

Jennifer Dietz and Tony Robertson


My family was very fortunate to have been a part of the Emily Foord Memorial Kindergarten community. It really is a special place for young children and families with young children. My three boys, and my husband and I, have fond memories of the years we spent as a Kindy Family. In particular, our three boys – Bernie, Barry and Mikey – felt welcomed and valued by their caring teachers – Lisa and Fiona. The teachers, who are extraordinarily dedicated to the profession and practice of early childhood education, facilitate a fantastic program. Everyday they attended Kindy, my boys were provided with many and varied opportunities to grow, to learn, to play, to forge friendships, to imagine, to make, to create, and to foster their own interests and curiosities. I believed every Kindy to be this amazing, but I think our three boys were extremely fortunate to have been able to attend Emily Foord. If only they could have gone to Kindy forever…

Rebecca King

We had a choice of several kindergartens in which to enrol our eldest daughter, and chose Emily Foord initially because of the warm and friendly approach of the staff and the beautiful and natural play areas. Our long experience with the kindy over five years now and with two subsequent children has only improved our opinion of Emily Foord. The expertise and caring nature of all the teachers and the child-focussed program has equipped our children exceptionally well for their first year of school. So well that we continue to drive past two other kindys to take our youngest there currently. We will be very sad to say goodbye at the end of the year!

Gemma and Richard Barr

Emily Foord Kindergarten has embraced our sons strengths and unique attributes, and seen him thrive on the social and learning opportunities available. We couldn’t have hoped for more as a platform for our son’s learning and social identity. We can’t recommend this beautiful Kindy highly enough.

Marty & Kate O’Hare

Emily Foord Memorial Kindergarten is an absolutely wonderful place. The quiet, leafy grounds, the space for the kids to run and play in, the fort, the huge sand pit – there is so much learning and fun to be had! There is a real sense of community at Emily Foord Kindy, and our kids just love it! The educators are fabulous and have a clear passion for what they do. I’d thoroughly recommend EFMK to local parents looking for the best for their child.

Jason Payne

It has been our privilege to be a part of the Emily Foord community, it was a bit daunting as we embarked on this new phase but any anxiety was quickly relieved by the incredibly supportive, knowledgeable and capable teaching staff. It is amazing to see Angus grow in confidence every day as he proudly demonstrates new knowledge and skills learned at Kindy. In his words “I love Kindy, I wish it was every day”. Our younger son simply can’t wait for his turn, in his words “I’m going to be a Kindy boy next year” said frequently to anyone who’ll listen.

Pearce Family

Our daughter started at Emily Foord as a quiet three and a half year old more interested in observing than participating. She struggled with describing and managing her emotions and interacting with other children.

She is now an amazing prep student who takes herself to the tuckshop, sings in the choir on assembly and plays in the sandpit with whoever else turns up. She speaks easily in front of the class, cooperates with other children and stands up for herself.

She developed and reinforced all of these skills during her time with Nadine and Nicole at Emily Foord. Their gentle kindness and wisdom were instrumental in supporting her as she came out of her shell and developed confidence and resilience. The teachers at Emily Foord are masters at maximising the childrens’ learning through play. And all in the most amazing physical environment, with abundant, well maintained, resources.

Our son will attend Emily Foord next year and we are looking forward to being part of this wonderful community again.

A. Jones

Our daughter has loved every moment she has spent at Emily Foord Kindergarten this year. She is so enjoying all the activities and her new friends to play and interact with. Everyone involved in the kindergarten from teachers, assistants and administration staff to fellow parents and children have all been so welcoming. We are having a great year.

Kath Craig

My husband and I would highly recommend Emily Foord Kindergarten. Having had all 3 of our girls at the Kindy we have a wonderful experience each time. The girls have loved every minute. The facilities are superb and the teachers have all been magnificent. It has been highly beneficial for the transition to school. It truly is a fabulous place. If we had a fourth we would be back again for sure!

Tanya Grimward

Our daughter, Holly, went to Emily Foord and our son, James, is currently there. We could not think of a better kindergarten for them to attend. The facilities are great, but above all, the kindy teachers are amazing! Both of our children had Lisa Neil and Fiona Francis and absolutely adored them. Holly is in year 3 now and still talks about her happy days at Emily Foord. James, who is there now, has the best time and comes home every day full of enthusiasm and fun memories of his day. They seem to have a great balance between fun, play and learning and development. We cannot recommend Emily Foord highly enough – it’s a brilliant kindergarten!!

Brent & Venita Manning

One of the things I am the most grateful for in my children’s education to date, is the year they each spent at Emily Foord Kindergarten. We stumbled across the kindy by chance, and as our first child started, we were immediately made to feel welcome. The teachers embrace each child’s individuality, and encourage them to spend their days exploring, creating, singing, story telling, discovering, making new friends, imagining, and in doing so, learning. For each of my four children, it was a magical year, but in different ways. They all had their favourite things to do at Kindy, and their personal choices were always encouraged and respected. My children always excitedly counted down the days until a “Kindy day” and always left having had “the best day ever”.
The sense of community is second-to-none and we treasure our friendships we made during our years at Emily Foord.
We also had a special relationship with the teachers and they would always be ready to meet us, and other parents, at the end of the day, with a new achievement to report or a funny story to tell.
The only regret I’ve had about Emily Foord kindergarten, is that we ever had to leave.

Kelly Smith

The beautiful grounds and facilities aside, it is the heart of Emily Foord that sets this place apart.

Emily Foord is a thriving community that quickly welcomes you into the fold, a community that is solely focused on the well being of it’s young charges. Each child is treasured and nurtured according to their own pace and their own needs. Moreover in our experience, each child feels valued, loved and supported as they navigate this very significant time in their young life. The teachers are genuine and love what they do, taking as much joy (if not more!) in children’s achievements and milestones as the children do themselves.

We could not have asked for a more wonderful start to the education journey of our youngest child. Having been referred to Emily Foord through a friend, we only wish we had found it earlier so our eldest child could have experienced this amazing place. It’s a hidden gem and we continue to recommend it to all and sundry.

Emily Foord will always be a part of our family.

R. Gorman

The facilities and the pre prep program at Emily Foord are fantastic and a great start to any child’s education. More importantly for us was that our child went to Kindy happy. Our daughter can’t wait for her Thursday and Friday every week and her Wednesday that comes every fortnight……we count down our days. At the end of the day though a Kindy can only be as good as the people running it.  Lisa and Fiona are amazing. They genuinely love their work and our kids. We were so incredibly blessed to have been offered a position at this wonderful Kindy.

Amanda Marcques-King

My son attended Emily Foord last year and had such a wonderful year.  And now my daughter is attending this year, and is also loving it.  I have found it such a beautiful, caring and lovely space, with teachers that always take the time to have one on one engaging and creative conversations with each and every child, every day of the week. Making each child feel special in their own way.

Renee Likoski

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